Why You Should Take Properties So Serious

How do you think you would achieve everlasting happiness if your priorities are not right? They are not only something of importance to you but also your goal, your life, your decision, your mistake and the factor that would determine if you will rise, fall or remain stagnant.

However, making the right choice is not an easy task considering the state of our nation where we prefer to indulge in irrelevant practices rather than in things of intellectual benefits.The country can also be seen as a state that has from the onset set its offsprings on the wrong foot. Inappropriate reality shows are getting millions of audience/viewers/listeners while the educational ones are all dead because there’s no one to encourage and sponsor them.

As a wise saying says”no one is a fountain of knowledge ” we are all striving to differentiate our right from wrong but I would say your greatest importance should not be attached to something that gives you pleasure for a short period of time but something that would give you joy today, tomorrow, and forever.

Making the right decision will make you, the wrong one will mar you. Many people have fallen into the trap of making the wrong options but they don’t realize it until they feel its too late to do something. We all spend most of our active days involving in insignificant activities thinking we derive comfort from it but the truth is we are all trying to deny the fact that there is more to the world than what we see. We are all afraid of taking a step, we fear being different that we decide to live in the present.

Sometimes I do sit and think “what would be my life at age 40 if I decide to do nothing in my twenties ? What would be my pride at old age if I look back and realize I have not achieved my main purpose in life? . Right preferences should be made in order to derive eternal bliss.

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