Cardi B PAN|CS as Ponography T@pe Finally Surfaces Online. Offset Goes Crazy! WATCH NOW!!

cardi b cheating 1

The Bodack Yellow Rapper, Cardi’s Phone was Allegedly Hacked Last Week and Nude pictures and videos of her cheating on offset was uncovered. as they seized the singer’s cell phone to reportedly look for evidence of Offset bragging about egging his neighbor’s house, but what they were really looking for are some cardi b P0nography Tape.

Well people apparently got exactly what they wanted. As you can see in the video above, videos of what appear to be Cardi b were found kissing a girl and another where she is lying down with her producer.

cardi b cheating 1

The second video is a short clip of Cardi b  performing a bl0wj0b (presumably to warm the guy up).

We will have to wait to find out what other sorts of depravity will be uncovered on Cardi b’s cell phone, as the investigating officer has gone on disability by claiming he developed carpal tunnel after seeing this Cardi b P0nography video, and then later post traumatic stress disorder after viewing the video file.