Heartbreaking! Mum Finds 11-year-old Son Dead In His Bed While Trying To Wake Him For School

Kimberley Shepherd and her son, Liam

A heartbroken mother has recounted how she got the rude shock of her life after she found her 11-year-old son dead in his bed as she tried to wake him for school.

Kimberley Shepherd’s “caring” and “sporty” son, Liam,  her only child mysteriously died in his sleep at the family home in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, on March 23.

The grief-stricken mum told SomersetLive her son “was the reason I woke up everyday” and she struggles to think of a life without him.

Ms Shepherd said: “He is the love of my life, my soul mate, there was just the two of us since he was born and I raised him alone, I have nothing else to look forward to and I do not know how I will face the big milestones without him.

“He had so many friends and family who love and care for him, he was so popular and this all seems so unfair to an 11-year-old boy.

“The response has been overwhelming and humbling however it does not bring him back.

“Life moves on for everyone but for me it never will go, the pain is unbearable to lose the closest thing to me.

“Liam just passed away in his sleep and the reason is still unknown, I found him like that after waking him up for school.”

She added: “Liam was the most caring, loving, sporty, kind, thoughtful, handsome boy I have ever known, he would not hurt a fly.

“He changed my life and he was the reason I woke up everyday.

“He wanted to be a policeman and loved helping others, I am and always will be proud of him.”


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